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Hurricane Irma In the Rear View

The past two weeks seemed to be full and yet at the same time, lacked activity. Thanks Irma.

September started for us, in Alabama visiting family. We returned home from that to hype about Irma. Wednesday, 13th - Saturday, 16th mainly consisted of unpacking from our trip, and preparing the house for a possible Cat 5 Hurricane. Among some of the preparation was: putting away all outdoor items, mowing the lawn and clipping weak limbs, gathering supplies in case of evacuation, and gathering supplies for if we hunkered down at home.

I would like to say "Thank You" to the City of Tallahassee, I think it is so kind and generous that we are provided with sand, and bags at no charge. I grew up in a coastal town, and that city did NOT have such a provision.

With the house ready for a hurricane impact, we were able to spend Sunday relaxing and waiting.

MONDAY brought major disappointment. Let me be clear, I am glad we were not hit with a Cat 5, 4, or 3 hurricane! But, I spent nearly a week preparing for a major hurricane. Matt came up with a great analogy: Its like we planned a party and the guest of honor didn't show up. Monday afternoon we ventured out and checked out a bit of the town. We were pleased to discover that, while many were without power, there was very little damage.

Tuesday our power was returned. We spent the day relaxing and preparing for the week ahead. In the comments let us know how you fared during Irma's visit.

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