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Anniversary Gift Ideas

Your anniversary is coming up! Maybe its 3 months away. 3 weeks away. 3 days? Ouch. We've all been there. What do I get the human who means the most to me?

Have no fear! We've got you covered!

To start with, what anniversary is it? Paper? Tin? Crystal? Anniversaries have a long tradition of themes, Traditional Themes. Some people find these dated. So there are now Modern Themes, Colors, and Gemstones paired to anniversaries. Lets have a look.


So now your thinking 💭 "Great. That was a lot of info... some of its a bit weird...salt? SALT?! Here honey, I got you Pink Himalayan Salt"

And THAT is why there is now more than just the Traditional Theme. So now for any given anniversary, you have a number of jewelry options. YAY! (1) You can custom design a piece with us or (2) you can find a HUGE collection of jewelry here:

Lets have a look at a few pieces from this HUGE collection.


I think many men are going to prefer a watch over anything pearl. And if your man enjoys watches, you can continue to get them on many different years- Especially 3 and 15. Here is a lovely Bulova we have in shop.

Anniversary 1, 3, 12, and 30 include . . .


14K Yellow Gold-Plated Sterling Silver Freshwater Cultured Pearl 21" Necklace



14K Yellow Brazilian Garnet & 1/8 CTW Diamond Earrings


Bezel Set Solitaire Earring


14K Yellow Amethyst & .015 Diamond Pendant


14K Rose Coral Crown Design Cabochon Ring


14K Yellow Lab-Grown Emerald 7.25" Bracelet


14K White Chatham® Created Blue Sapphire & 1/5 CTW Diamond Ring


These are just some samples of the jewelry options you have. Please take the time to familiarize yourself with our site and have a good look around.


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